About Us



Hello and welcome to our ‘About Page’. Open Scroll Publications is a publishing company founded by writers for writers. Now, if there’s one thing we writers do well, it is taking the unseen; the intangible, and skilfully bringing it to life on the blank pages of a book bearing our name. Whether through poetry, historical records, fiction or instructional manuals, historically, writers have always occupied a unique place of influence and importance in every society.

This is why we are firmly committed to every writer that takes that all-important first step of sharing their manuscript with us. We understand how much your book means to you because we here at the Open Scroll group, are writers first and foremost. We believe that the thrill and exhilaration of completing one’s book should never be eclipsed or overshadowed by the avalanche of rejection slips usually associated with traditional publishing companies. 

This is why all of our services have developed around the needs of our growing community of authors. We supply everything you will need to create and publish the book your vision. From custom design, editorial services and powerful marketing, you will have the flexibility to choose a suite of services that fit your needs. 

So, if writing a book and becoming a published author fulfils a lifelong dream, we believe that contacting us today will be a significant stepping stone to that dream. Open Scroll Publication will help you tell your story and empower you to start sharing it with the world.

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