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I have a confession to make…but you can’t tell anyone  ok?

Sometimes I’m jealous of my children. Un-poisoned and unburdened by life’s invisible terrorists: fear, self-consciousness, uncertainty, other peoples’ expectations etc, my children are the most creative creatures I know. Through play, my sons will sometimes raid our front room in the middle of a movie that my wife and are watching. With a confidence that boggles the mind, they’ll pause our movie without a second thought and proceed to introduce their masterpiece production: a new song, rap, dance etc. My wife’s so good. She’ll usually clap her hands without missing a beat (she’s such a good mum), while I quietly count down from ten in my mind, and remind myself that time is the greatest gift one can give their kids.

And then it’ll happen without fail: my kids will blow me away! My children produce something that has me dashing around the house searching for my video camera like some crazed groupie. Before you know it I’ve recorded it and am begging my kids to let me upload it to Youtube. The conversation always goes the same way:

“No dad! You always get so carried away…we’re just having a laugh. Don’t get ‘gassed’!

“But Simon Cowel…”

“ Dad! Enough!”

So, into the archives the latest offering will go, but I kid you not, those guys are unbelievable. As they’re inspired, they simply create. And as they create, they never fail to inspire. For them, being creative has nothing to do with trying to make it big, or being the next Bill Gates. It’s just about having a bit of fun. FUN…remember what that is????

So the next time you’re inspired, start creating because when you create, you inspire.

By Michael Ekwulugo (Author of It’s Your Time (your generation awaits you)

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