The ‘Get Away’ Gateway

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As a writer, do you ever feel as though you’re about to lose the plot…literally? I mean, inspiration and a killer storyline are hard enough to come by right? So when through some weird and wonderful divine alignment, we finally stumble upon the most electrifying plot we’ve ever had, the last thing any of us can afford to do is lose it! Whether your plot is a mere seed of an idea or a full-grow oak; whether it’s a small orchard of colourful concepts or a huge forest of foreboding and exotic twists, whatever the case, you mustn’t let it getaway.

Nowadays, there seems to be a million and one gateways that our ideas can quietly slip away through. For starters, we’re just too busy —far too distracted. The crazy pace of today’s world is so toxic for a creative mind. No one seems to be able to sit still any more, have you noticed? No one seems willing to pay the price for a good ol’ well-seasoned, slowly-simmered original idea anymore.

Your plot/idea (when your waters do finally break) is like a little helpless baby. To be original in your writing, you’ve got nurture it with the kind of affection, love and attention that almost borders on obsession. With the devotion and commitment of a breast-feeding mother, you’ve got to make sure you’re prepared to feed that new-born idea wherever you are. The moment  an idea starts stirring just pop your boob out and start feeding the baby…(Ok, you do realise that I’m speaking metaphorically right?!). Even if you’re in the middle of a restaurant, cinema or an ASDA carpark,  once  the milk of inspiration begins to flow, stop whatever your doing and reach for your notepad or device. Unless you tend to your newborn, it’ll never make it into the adult world of bookshelves.

Safe guard your baby ideas. Shut all questionable gateways, and don’t let any of your brilliant ideas get away!

By Michael Ekwulugo (Author of It’s Your Time (your generation awaits you)

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