If Not Now When?

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Time is such a temperamental animal. One minute it can be on your side, and act like your best buddy. It’ll greet you with warm embraces each morning, and take you out to lunch everyday. It will sit with you in front of an open fire when the evenings are cold and lonely, and listen intently to all your future plans. Time will even occasionally chip in and make you feel that it’ll be with you forever.

And then one day, just like that, it happens! You wake up one morning only to find that Time has moved on. It’s found someone else. It’s  traded you in for a younger model. Suddenly, Time will start blanking your calls and ignoring your texts. And now, even when you have great ideas, Time won’t even give you the time of day to listen.

Time is a diva! That’s why you’ve got to make the most of her while she is still with you. So, whatever plans you have floating around in your mind, capture them now, and commit them to paper. Whatever storylines you’ve got loitering around in the caverns of your subconscious, release them and put them to work. Whatever weird and wonderful characters that you’ve got hopscotching across your thoughts, befriend them and give them pride of place in your next book. The world is bored — it’s crying out for fresh ideas. So if you’re ever going to unveil your gift you must ask yourself this soul-searching question: If Not Now, When? 

By Michael Ekwulugo (Author of It’s Your Time (your generation awaits you)



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